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Engineering Services

Services Offered

  • Civil Engineering Designs - Water and Wastewater, including Sanitary systems Storm-water collection systems
  • Civil Engineering Designs - Structural, including Tanks, Tall Stacks, Pool Enclosures, and other Special Structures
  • Mechanical Engineering Designs, including HVAC systems and Steam Distribution Systems
  • Storage Facilities Design, including Aboveground & Underground Storage Tanks Petroleum and Chemical Bulk Storage Compliance Investigations Planning, Design, and Permitting
  • Chemical Engineering Designs, including Industrial wastewater treatment systems
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology, including Engineering Designs Studies and Evaluations Aquifer Tests Sampling
  • Air Quality Studies and Designs, including Air Permits Traffic/Emissions/Dispersion Modeling Ventilation Design for Indoor Air Quality Control Technologies
  • Engineering Services

    Services Offered

  • Remediation Engineering, including Remediation System Design Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies Oversight Operation and Maintenance
  • Environmental Investigations, including Environmental Audits Hazardous Waste Management Phase I and II Studies
  • Groundwater and Hydrologic Modeling, including Flow (MODFLOW and Others) Transport (MODPATH, MT3D, and Others) Geostatistical (GEOSOFT and Others) Hydrologic (HELP and Others) Custom Model Formulation
  • Environmental Data Validation and Usability Studies, including Organics and Inorganics (Soil and Groundwater) following National Functional Guidelines and EPA Standard Operating Procedures
  • Environmental Permits and Regulatory Compliance (RCRA)

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